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Romantic Partners and Credit Reports

Monday Jun 29, 2009

I know that I reference this commercial almost every blog, but the truth did employ a rather brilliant marketing tactic. These fun and catchy songs about credit reports, a truly boring topic, leave you not only singing the song for the rest of the day, but actually inform you at the same time. Since they did such a wonderful job on these commercials, and I got stuck with the task of writing about such topics, I have no choice but to mention frequently. I would like to reference one of the commercials specifically, to spur on another lame discussion about credit reports. Just kidding, I know you are at the edge of your seat salivating over every knowledgeable credit report blog I write.

To give you a fresh reminder, in case you haven't seen this particular commercial in a while, (if this is the case you must live under a rock) it goes a little something like this.....The scene opens with a young man and his band, slightly resembling the backstreet boys on drugs, playing in a cramped basement. The lead singer, someone we all have grown a significant attachment for, takes us on a sob story tour of his life. A life that was filled with promise, ambitions, and dreams. Well, that was until he found out his dream girl, and new wife, had bad credit. Now, living in the basement of his wife's mom & dad's house and unable to get a loan, life isn't looking so good. If only he visited first, things would have been different.

I can hear the wheels turning in every ones head right now..... That could happen to me! As silly as this commercial is, it is very applicable and brings up an interesting point that is rarely ever addressed between romantic partners. You would never think that your partner's credit score is something that could make or break a relationship, but ask the dude, as he learned the hard way.

"Hey Sarah, I know it's our first date and all, but I was you think I could peak at your credit report?" Now, not only would this question kill any chance of a goodnight kiss or anything else you were hoping the date would produce, you will look like a total weirdo. Even asking this question a few dates down the road could turn out bad. However, at some point this awkward and very dorky topic does need to be addressed. The last thing you want is to be stuck with someone in a romantic relationship with serious credit issues. Before you know it, their money problems just became your money problems.

So how do you go about figuring out if your romantic partner has bad credit? I have no idea. I write blogs, I don't do relationship issues. If this is something you are worried about, and you have seen signs of bad credit, then this is something you should think about exploring. My one idea would be to offer to get your free credit report with your partner. Try and make it fun. You will be able to find out very quickly if your significant other has something to hide about their credit. If this is the case, jump ship now or you will be stuck like our friend. You don't want that.

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