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Saturday Feb 27, 2010

Free credit! Those commercials for free credit reports are driving me crazy. The funny thing is, I know all the words to their jingles. And when I say jingles plural I mean it. Those commercials keep coming out. And yes they are annoying but guess who knows the company name…me, and probably a lot of you too. The other funny thing is that my dad, friends, and mom all know about this company too, just like the jingle says. Even my 10 year old brother knows the jingle.

That brings me to my next point. It is hilarious that my 10 year old brother is talking about free credit reports. I know giving kids information when they are young is a good thing, but is this too young? I wonder how many kids out there know this jingle and talk about it.

Since commercials like this have been on television more frequently I have started to look at them. I have compared some of the free credit report trials and offers. I have only looked at companies who have commercials, because I know their names.

And the final thought in my head is that I should get a free credit report. All the time spent on watching those commercials really give me an idea to be aware of my credit. I know I need to maintain good credit so I can open credit cards, and eventually buy a house.

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