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Earning cash back from your Discover student credit card

Tuesday Feb 05, 2013

If you are a college student that is looking for ways to save money, than Discover has the answer for you.

With Discover student credit cards, students can earn up to 5% cashback on everyday purchases, including travel, home improvement stores, department stores, gas, restaurants and pet stores.

This means the next time you visit the home improvement store and pick up new tools, umbrellas, patio furniture and so much more, that you will actually earn money back on your purchases.

And, the next time you take a date to a fancy college town restaurant, you will actually get money back from your bill, which you can use to take your date out a second time.

As with all student credit cards, you should read the rules and regulations that apply, but if you are looking for a student credit card that will give you the biggest bang for your buck, then you will want to consider Discover's student credit cards.

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